URBEX | Abandoned Soviet Space Shuttles (Buran) in Baikonur

Good to go manWe have been travelling for daysJust for one locationWe are at the end of the third dayWe drove more than thousand kilometer, had to flights, we have to put some effort in somethingYes, for us it’s all worth itIndeed, i think it’s my most favorite place everI hope we don’t encounter unexpected things now I still see the car down there Lucky for us we didn’t drive further, they’ve put down boobytraps hereSharp pins in the ground, when you drive over it the tire will be flatYou can be sure of thatIt’s getting too dark, so we get out the infrared cameraAll area’s around us area activeI see the red light
-AllrightVery obviousWhen something happens, we shouldn’t filmthree, four, five
-Five kilometer or what? YesThat’s safeIt’s pretty deepWe are now at the hangar, we have to be quick because there are cars driving aroundCome on, let’s climb
-YeahIt’s beyond epic manBats hereWow, it’s beautiful, let’s get upWe are now sitting here, Jan and Morten are sleepingThis is the only room where there are no windows, so we are safeIt’s really a matter of luckWe have heard three gunshots, but we don’t have it on cameraAnd a car we saw with brake lights, also not on cameraBut it was really thrilling
-But not on cameraIt’s 02:00 AM now
-Local timeWe are pretty tired, we soon go to bed
Sunrise is at 05:30 AMIt’s gonna be a long day, but an epic one.
-And a short night, a real short nightIt’s the third bad night we had, i look like a zombieBut i don’t care, because there’snothing better than waking up next to thisIt’s so huge manIt’s time to get up
-What’s the time? 06:00 AM?wtf?It’s 06:30 AMI never thought we would get inside this place If i lived here, i would visit this place every day, or at least once a weekRight?
-Yeah it’s so nice to look atBut on camera it’s way less impressive as in real life To give you an impression of the height, which is hard to seeIt keeps on comingSo that’s the heightWe should look if we can get inside, we don’t see this every dayIs this pepper foam? -YesBut there’s an hard surface on top of it, the inside is pepper foamIs that open or?
-You can’t go further hereWe have climbed into one of the Buran’sPut it down somehereIt’s pretty tight in hereLook at thatIs there an afterburner on this thing?Or are they only on figher yets?wtf is that sound?So here we are, on top of the spaceshuttleHell yes !We were on top of the shuttle when we saw Jan running, telling us to hideCars arrived ae hangar so we have keep silent in this shuttleNot a punishment
-Jan can you hear me?Quite some noise for people that are hidingDo you hear that?Jan keeps an eye on the securitySecurity, patrollingSomebody is working on the train here, you can see himLet’s cookSpaghetti Bolognese todayTomorrow probably chickenWe can’t take any gas on the plane, so we use other stuffBob, he’s close, i think he comes this way! I’m preparing the drone and charging the phoneTwo are going on the lookout, because it’s gonna make a lot of noiseThat’s not the only problem, we have no GPS signalSo it’s hard to fly with all those obstacles.
-Yeah with those cordsOnly two thousand dollars
-I believe in youMorten and Jan are on the lookout, because security is patrolling the whole time, let’s hope he doesn’t come hereLet’s goIt ain’t gonna be easyDamned, i get tons of errorsThat was a very close call manI saw a little panic there
-YesNormally it lands automatically
-But not today

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