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Carl Sagan – A Biography

Carl Sagan was an American science aficionado, who was keen on astronomy, cosmology and astrophysics. He was the one who composed the first message that was sent out into space, for extraterrestrial being to...


The Revival of Cosmos

Neil deGrasse Tyson is the host of the new Cosmos television series, based on Carl Sagan’s original program. William Lane Craig interacts with an interview with Tyson on this new prime-time series and the...

Cosmos Intro – Carl Sagan 0

Cosmos Intro – Carl Sagan

– “For You To Enjoy And Share With Friends” – The beautiful introduction to the Cosmos television series. Carl Sagan talks about the universe and our place within it. Cosmos covered a wide range of scientific...

The Backbone of Night By Carl Sagan 0

The Backbone of Night By Carl Sagan

Another masterpiece by Carl Sagan. This time he discusses cosmology through the ages up to the present time. The excerpts are taken from the episode of ‘Cosmos’, The Backbone of Night. Lookout for the...