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NASA Reveals Our Sun Is Losing Its Mass 0

NASA Reveals Our Sun Is Losing Its Mass

Scientists have analyzed Mercury’s orbit and concluded that our Sun losing its mass. They have revealed that Einstein is right regarding his theory of general relativity. When the Sun’s mass decrease, its gravitational pull...


Total Solar Eclipse Begins with Flare

The following video shows what we can expect to see during the following solar eclipse. The activity of the Sun will be moderate, but the moment when the Sun becomes covered with the Moon’s...


Total Solar Eclipse on August 21

The following video explains where and when to watch total solar eclipse that will occur on August 21, this year. This astronomical event will be visible throughout America, but only certain places will be...


Solar Eclipse Seen from Reunion Island

On September 1st, the annular solar eclipse was visible from Madagascar and several areas in Central Africa. This video is captured from the Reunion Island in the Indian Ocean.