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Red Giant Devours Planet
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Astronomers have observed a Red giant in the process of devouring one of its planets. something similar could happen to Earth when our Sun turns
NASA Update - 5th January 2013
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The latest update from NASA with information on the development and testing of the new Space Launch System and other development programmes.

Captain Kirk Talks To Countryman on Station
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Captain Kirk (William Shatner) talks to Chris Hadfield of the Canadian Space Agency who is aboard the ISS.

Kirk asks
New ESA Missions
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Information on three forthcoming missions by the European Space Agency. Including project 'Euclid' , a project to study 'dark matter',  which has recently


    Scientists Discovered Gravitational Waves

    Scientists from the Laser Interferometer Gravitational Wave Observatory (LIGO) have announced that they made a first direct detection of gravitational waves. The discovery confirms that Einstein was right. Namely, he predicted the presence of...


    Explaining Einstein’s Theory

    Everyone has heard of E=mc² but what does it actually mean? Here is an  easy to understand animation explaining all of Einstein’s Theory. Covers both Special Relativity and General Relativity.


    Einstein changed the way we think

    Einstein changed the way we think Before Einstein, people thought that time and space were an unchanging platform where the events of life develop without them changing anything in particular. Einstein taught us about...


    Relativity (Audiobook) – Albert Einstein

    The following audio book is a Librivox recording, which means it is in the public domain. It was written by Albert Einstein. Check it out for more information on relativity.

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    Einstein’s Rings and the Fabric of Space

    This video explores a phenomenon called gravitational lensing. The gravitational force of a galaxy, full of stars, gas, dark matter, and dust, is so enormous that it affects the region it sits in and...


    Monster Black Holes

    Black holes are one of the most mysterious objects in the Universe. The more we find out about them the more questions are raised. They were predicted in Einsteins Relativity and have deified most...


    How Albert Einstein’s Brain Worked

    Can examining Einstein’s brain lead us to the source of his genius? The brain was removed during the autopsy. But it remains a mystery why an autopsy was performed and why the brain was...


    Beyond Einstein – Relativity Violations

    – “For You To Enjoy And Share With Friends” – A video by the Physics Department of Indiana University regarding new theories in general relativity and an introduction to the  Standard Model Extension (SME)...


    Beyond Einstein – (2)

    – “For You To Enjoy And Share With Friends” – We continue looking at the experiments that are being performed to go beyond Einstein’s theories. Here dark energy,  black holes and space and time... – [email protected] 2018