Category: Physics


The Man Who Corrected Einstein

In the late 19-teens, Albert Einstein had a new hammer, and he was in search of nails to hit. He had just developed a new and more powerful mathematical description of gravity , and...


Artificial Gravity

Gravity. It’s what keeps us held to the surface of the Earth and provides a sense of up and down. When we venture into space and orbit the Earth, or some other world, the...


The Artificial Gravity Lab

– Last video, I was at the Ashton Graybiel Spatial Orientation Lab at Brandeis University, and while I was there one of the team just casually mentioned that they have an artificial gravity laboratory....


Orbital Dynamics Part 01 First Discoveries

Welcome to orbital dynamics. This is a multi-part course on the basics of orbital dynamics. The orbital dynamicsor orbital mechanics textbooks assumefamiliarity with calculus and all thealgebra and trig that goes along with that....


Orbital Mechanics in 60 Seconds – I

So, contrary to what you see in moviesspacecraft can’t just sit around inspace near a planet because they’d fallright into it. To stay in space we needto get into orbit. So first we take...


Crazy Engineering: Astrodynamics

The Cassini Mission has beenexploring the Saturn systemfor nearly 13 years and hasrewritten the textbookson the ringed planetand its moonsbut the spacecraft ispretty much out of fuel. Following NASA’s planetaryprotection guidelines,the mission willend with...