China Announces a MOON BASE!

China has just unveiled its plan to colonize the moon. On this episode we take a look at China’s moon base. It’s been only a handful of days ago China landed their Chang-e 4 spacecraft on the far side of the moon. Often referred to as the dark side of the moon, the far side actually gets as much sunlight as the earth. Setting down inside the Von Karman Crater a crater spanning 115 miles or 186 kms in size, the Chang-e 4 spacecraft was sent there not only to be the first ever to land on the far side of the moon but to gather data. Currently going through the first lunar night which lasts 14 days the temperature will drop dramatically which has been prepared for. The Chang-e 4 will go into a sleep mode as there is no solar power available. A radioisotope heat source will maintain warmth until the sun comes back out. It’s only goal is to collect temperature reading during this time, dozens of temperature collectors will record data and send it back once the lunar night is over. The radioisotope thermoelectric generation technology is being used for the first time on a Chinese spacecraft which is essential for their future ambitions of deep space travel. Also aboard the spacecraft are a handful of seeds. Recently the cotton seeds have sprouted which we see here. Potatoes are also in the up there but haven’t shown any movement yet. With the change in the forces of gravity, massive temperature swings it’s amazing the cotton sprouted. Change-4 has also released a lunar rover which is ripping around the moon’s surface now. Change-5 a mission slated for later in 2019 will be sent up to the moon to collect samples and bring them back to earth. By Change-8 they want to have a location for a lunar base chosen that will be shared with multiple countries. They believe it’ll be possible to use the soil on the moon to 3d print habitable structuctures…. a 3d printed house on the moon, you won’t catch me living in that. Utilizing the water ice of the lunar poles along with other resources, a moon base could be possible allowing the creation of rocket fuel for deep space exploration. China intends to put people on the moon by 2030 and is planning to launch new satellites to rival the current GPS technology. This new satellite network will be accurate within a few millimeters. Do you think China will pull off all these goals in space? Do you think the moon base will really happen, share your thoughts down below. I hope you enjoyed this episode, consider subscribing and until the next one, have a good one.

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