The Eagle Has Landed – Apollo 11 Moon Landing

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I think most of the planet who had access to television must have watched the first moon landing. I certainly did. If ever there was a defining moment in Man’s exploration of the Heavens then this must have been it. The first time human beings from Earth travelled and landed on an another planet, all be it our own moon. A journey that took over 10,000 years of human evolution and development to accomplish. We then had high expectations that the pace at which Man developed the technology to do this would continue and we would soon be heading for Mars. Unfortunately, as you well know, political and financial pressures not only cut the Apollo programme but dashed any hope of humans walking on Mars any time soon.

There have been many conspiracy theories and videos claiming that we never went to the moon and on the face of it their facts seem plausible. However I have seen other documentaries which go through each of the claims one by one and logically disclaim them. Furthermore I have read a lot about the work of Edgar Mitchell one of the Apollo astronauts and one of the few people to have walked on the moon. I believe this Man has reached a high level of consciousness and do not believe he would go along with any fake stories. Any way these are my opinions and thoughts.

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