July 2 2012 Class M5.6 Solar Flare

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The sun erupted with a powerful solar flare on Monday 2nd July  and a wave of plasma from the flare could reach Earth by Wednesday 4th of  July.  The sun storm came from a large sunspot called AR1515 that is now rotating across the Earth-facing side of the sun. It unleashed an intense solar flare  in what is expected to be one of several strong solar storms in the days ahead. Astronomers use a special scale to measure the Suns weather and this flare registered as a M5.6 solar storm. M-class flares are considered medium size flares and can supercharge the Northern Lights.

NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory spacecraft captured this amazing event in video.

 The strongest solar storms are classified as X- class events and if aimed at Earth can cause severe disruption on Earth and endanger spacecraft and astronauts.

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