Is Pluto A Planet?

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When I was at school we learnt that there were 9 planets in the Solar System, with the furthest one being Pluto. Pluto was only discovered in 1930 and has time has gone on we have learnt much more abut it and found many many other similar objects to Pluto in the Solar System particularly in the asteroid belt and in the Kuiper belt. All these discoveries have meant that Pluto is no longer regarded as a planet.

The Lowell Observatory discovered Pluto and received many hundreds of suggestions from all over the World as to what the new ‘planet’ should be called. Suggestions such as Atlas, Zeus were disregarded. The name ‘Pluto’ was eventually proposed by an eleven year old schoolgirl, Venetia Burney, who had an interest in Greek Mythology and considered, the name of the God of the Underworld an apt name.

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