Comet Strikes Jupiter In 1994

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A Comet, Shoemaker Levy 9, struck the Planet Jupiter in 1994 and resulted in the biggest explosions ever witnessed by human beings. It was the first collision of two objects within the solar system to be ever observed from Earth.

The Comet was discovered in 1993 and had apparently passed close to Jupiter in 1992 when its proximity to Jupiter caused it to fragment. These fragments collided with the southern hemisphere of Jupiter between July 16 and July 22, 1994. The prominent scars from the impacts were more easily visible than the famous Red Spot and lasted for many months.

Exactly 15 years after this collision another object struck Jupiter. This collision was not predicted and was caught by chance.

Undoubtedly if such an object ever hit the Earth, it would cause widespread devastation on a global scale and could possibly lead to the end of the Human Race.

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