What Lies Inside Jupiter

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For four long centuries, since the invention of the telescope, the Jupiter’s vast interior has remained hidden from view due to vast cloud cover. NASA’s Juno probe, which was launched in August 2011 will be studying Jupiter to help unlock some of its mysteries. This video was made before the Juno launch.

The voyage to Jupiter will take five years, which will include an Earth flyby in October 2013. As of Oct. 10 2012, Juno was approximately 281 million miles from Earth, with a one-way radio signal travel time of approximately 25 minutes. The spacecraft has now traveled 512 million miles since launch, which is nearly 27 percent of its total cruise distance to Jupiter. Juno is currently traveling at a velocity of 33,600 miles per hour relative to the sun. Velocity relative to Earth is 94,900 miles per hour.

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