United States’ NASA vs Russia’s Roscosmos | Which Space Agency is More Powerful?


Today we will see, NASA vs Roscosmos, and find out, which one is More Powerful ? The National Aeronautics and Space Administration is more commonly known as NASA and NASA serves as the independent agency of the U.S. federal government On the other side, the Roscosmos State Corporation for Space Activities commonly known as Roscosmos and Roscosmos serves as the state corporation of the Russian Federation NASA has a net worth of around 1 trillion USD While the Roscosmos has a net worth of around 2.77 billion USD NASA accommodates around 17,373 staff as of 2020 and these people work with the agency as government contractors The Roscosmos has around 7653 people on staff NASA’s headquarters is located in Washington D.C and Roscosmos is based in Moscow, Russia Roscosmos focuses on Space flights, cosmonautics programs and aerospace research While NASA’s science is focused on Earth Observing Systems and advancing heliophysics through the efforts of various Scientific Missions NASA is also beginning a new program in order to send humans to explore the Moon and Mars In addition to these major missions, Do you know ? NASA also helps teachers prepare their students who want to be future engineers, scientists even astronauts While in the case of The Roscosmos, they are a prominent provider of launch services for other countries Over 38 years, Roscosmos’ works have included the world’s first satellite Sputnik 1, first human spaceflight and the Earth orbit of Yuri Gagarin on Vostok 1 and the first space station All the Russian human spaceflight missions have been carried using the Soyuz spacecraft design The Roscosmos company contributed to the core space modules like Zarya and Zvezda which were launched by Proton rockets You may be amazed to know that The Proton Rocket has a lifting capacity of 20 tons to low Earth Orbit In the case of NASA, it uses rockets to launch satellites and its rockets include the Atlas V, the Delta II, the Pegasus, and Taurus It also uses smaller rockets for scientific research Do you know ? That NASA’s space travellers are known as Astronauts while the Roscosmos’s space travellers are commonly known as Cosmonauts Roscosmos has developed launch rockets, the very famous Soyuz Rocket, which is also commonly known as the R 7 rocket, which is capable of launching 7.5 tons into low earth orbit NASA’s robotic space craft have visited every planet in our solar system and several other celestial bodies Currently NASA has astronauts living and working on the International Space Station And they are currently working on the Artemis program that aims to land another man and the first woman on the moon by 2024 While Roscosmos is working on Luna Glob Moon orbit and lander which is planned to launch in 2021 It is also working on the Venera D Venus lander which is planned to launch by 2029 well, That’s all for today I hope you like this information, For more interesting videos, follow and subscribe NOW, and make sure to share it Stay Connected, Be Updated

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