UK’s Satellite Launch Mission Ends in Failure đź›° | Newsround

The UK’s first ever satellite mission started off  well with a successful takeoff for the Cosmic Girl jet in Cornwall Speed Launcher One godspeed Cosmic  Girl on this historic both European and UK mission to open space for everyone around 2000  people turned up to watch the takeoff an hour into the flight the rocket the jet  was carrying called Launcher One fired up its engines after it was released  from the plane but then this happened welcome back everyone uh it appears that  Launcher One has suffered an anomaly which will prevent us from making orbit for this  mission there was a problem with the rocket and the mission was over this evening we had  a first stage burn that took the rocket into space but in effect the second stage engine had  a technical anomaly and didn’t reach the required orbit the Cosmic Girl jet safely returned  to the airport but sadly the rocket was lost after nearly a decade of working on this mission  the engineers were gutted to hear it hadn’t worked out it’s just absolutely devastated um you know  we put our heart and soul into this and it’s such a personal journey for me as well and my family  were here so yeah it was pretty pretty rough but I feel okay I feel okay and I think it’ll  just be a few days of just kind of letting it sink in a little bit the data from  the mission is now being looked at by scientists to work out what went wrong  and the team is hoping to try again soon

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