Top 10 Sounds From Outer Space That Should Have Stayed Secret

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The Vacuum of space is deathly quiet, or atleast, it should be. Regularly very strange sounds have been recorded
in outer space that are so unsettling, wewish we had never heard them. 10 – Saturn’s Screaming Poles
Woah, these sound well and truly spine chilling. These sounds rival anything a space horror
composer could score…and these are naturalsounds from Saturn’s Poles. These were recorded by Nasa’s Cassini Space
Craft in 2002 and they are radiowaves thatcome from Saturn’s Aurora – so a very
similar light phenomenon as our Aurora Borealison earth, aka the northern lights. So imagine the swirling green, pink and yellow
lights accompanying these sounds, which havebeen sped up, with a slight frequency adjust
so our human ears can hear it. The sounds come from one of my favourite Youtube
channels – Space Audio – and were uploadedin March 2015. Cassini completed it space mission in 2017,
losing contact as it made a suicide dive intothe planet’s atmosphere on September 15th. 9 – Earths Hiss
Wait, this earth hissed as space craft flewby?Yes. The recording sounds like a huge breathing
dragon – have a listen. How is that anything other than the rise and
fall of breath?!It is kind of Darth Vader-ish?Apparently this is sound recorded in 1996
on Nasa’s Polar Mission is the sound ofhot ironized particles generated by sunlight
crashing into the atmosphere. It creates a sound like the earth hissing
at us, and to be honest, what with climatechange and the rise in greenhouse gasses,
I can understand why earth may be pissed enoughto hiss at us. This isn’t the first hiss heard from planet
earth by the patient ears of Nasa, in 2015a Nasa Student balloon experiment using Infrared
Microphones picked up the unsettling soundsfrom 22 miles above the earths surface in
New Mexico and Arizona. 8 – Music from the Dark Side of the Moon
And it was nothing compared to pink Floyd. A medium pitched wooing isn’t everyone’s
kind of music but each to their own!The Astronaughts on the Apollo 10 mission
passed around the moon, and when they wereat the farthest side away from earth, the
dark side, they lost all radio contact withground control and the rest of the earthlings. As Apollo careered around the moon, they heard
some really weird sounds… like…. Really weird sounds. So weird that the Astronauts talked about
it constantly . The weird sounds were notreported at the time, but they were recorded
and received by Nasa when the mission returnedto earth. The recordings were classified – which means
that they were being safeguarded from humanears. Why…. We aren’t sure. In 2008 the newly declassified recordings
were found, and we can hear the weird woonoises and the
astronauts reactions. Nasa hasn’t returned to the moon since7 – Mysterious Radio Signals from Deep Space
For the last decade, Scientists have beenpicking up unexplained Radio Signals they
call Fast Radio Bursts from deep Space. In fact, on the day I scripted this video
– August 7th 2018, more signals were reported. The signals have ranged in frequency, but
the most recent are 580 Megahurtz, 200 lowerthan previously heard. The lastest sounds detected come from very
very far away, possibly billions of lightyears. The radio signals you are about to hear are
not the most recent, but they are pretty unsettling…especiallywhen the thudding kicks in…. just listen…Okay, and then some more…. It sounds like the plucking of a string, maybe?Currently, scientists don’t know where exactly
the sounds are coming from, but they’retrying to pinpoint them. 6 – Jupiter’s Crying Lightning. The official term for Jupiter’s dissonant
space whirs is “Jovian Whistles” – theseare descending and ascending sounds created
by lightning strikes in the atmosphere. As you may know, Jupiter is a decidedly stormy
planet, with its red eye being a giant stormthat has raged non-stop for over 350 years. Jupiter. You stormy babe. But…I mean… let’s have a listen to these terrifying
shrieks – There is kind of like a …. shhheeewoooowaamsound… like something is being launched. The sound was recorded by Jupiter’s voyager
in the 70s, so around 40 years ago. The planet is likely still screaming in its
stormy areas, and has been for hundreds ofyears. Can you imagine?5 – Ganymede’s Ghoulish Shrieks
Honestly, I feel like Jupiter’s Moon, Ganymede,is trying hard to tell us something here. One of Jupiter’s 16 Moons, Ganymede is officially
the biggest moon in our solar system, witha radius of 2 thousand 634 kilometres – making
her bigger than both Mercury and pluto, andtwo thirds the size of mars. GHey there big moon. This big moon has its own Magnetosphere which
creates some big noises, and they’re prettyunsettling. The sounds were recorded in 1996 by the Galileo
Space Craft – the initial approach intothe Magnetosphere is punctuated by a strong
burst of noise…and then some strange computersounding beeps. Then, through the beeps come windy sounding
whirs. The whole thing crescendos with beeps interspersed
by what sounds like alien cries. Terrrrrrifying4 – Scream of a Dying Star
So it turns out that stars have feelings too,and why shouldn’t they – they are much
bigger than us…. we are a teeny weeny blip– an atom…smaller…when compared to a
star. In 2012, Scientists at Nasa’s Goddard Space
Flight Centre released an artists impressionof a black hole swallowing a screaming star. The real life star was spotted falling into
a huge black hole 3. 9 billion light yearsaway in the constellation of Draco. It seems as the star gets sucked in, it releases
blips of light every 200 seconds, which Nasathink are like screams. As the star is so far away, we haven’t got
an actual recording of the sound the starmade…Scientists say that the frequency of the light,
if concerted to sound, would be like a verylow D sharp. Nasa buffs can predict what this sounds like
based on the oscillations that have been observedby smaller matter falling into smaller black
holes in our galaxy, the milky way. 3 – Creepy Singing Comet
In 2014, Scientists recorded a strange whirring,almost alien song like sounding noise. The clicking, vibrating sounding noise gets
higher in frequency and sound very much likeI would imagine an alien trying to communicate
sounds. The Rosetta Orbiter picked up the sounds from
the 67p C-G comet in August 2014. Have a little listen…. . I don’t know what is going on, but neither
does head researcher Karl-Heinz Glaßmeier,who’s team was baffled by the noise. The European space agency think the sounds
must be coming as a result of a process ofoscillation in 67p C-G’s orbit. Ah, I am still so confused as to why Scientists
always give space objects such sterile names!Anyway, what do you make to these sounds and
the singing comet?2 – The heart beat of a black hole…Errr… so…that’s a thing, apparently. I thought blackholes were where things went
to die, but turns out they may have a lilsoul going on in there. While we cant directly see or hear what black
holes are like, we can see and hear what theydo to their environment. In 2008 – an MIT professor, Edward Morgan,
translated X ray data from the star systemGRS 1915-105 and turned it into sound. The binary star system is a black hole and
a star that feeds it and this is what it soundslike…So…. . err…like a heart beat. The beating of a deep dark, all consuming
black heart. How romantic, in a seriously twisted way!I am pretty sure listening to this will send
you mad…. . like…. Bonkers never be the same again – mad. I was listening to this with earphones when
researching this video and I had to take themoff as the sound drilled into my brain. We have Echos from Titan at number 1
Titan is one of Saturn’s moons – the soundsyou are about to hear were recorded by Huygens,
an atmospheric entry probe sent by the EuropeanSpace Agency into a suicide landing onto the
alien moon. The sounds are FAR OUT. It starts with a beating and some inter-stabbing
robotic sounds – listen…. Then…. well…. whatever THIS IS – buzzing…. brain
numbing buzzing, reaching a crescendo whereyou think your brain will explode. You may want to couple this with the images
taken by Titan, too… together they are quitethe intergalactic horror coupling. So that was the Top 10 Sounds from Outer Space
that should have stayed secret – what didyou think?Comments from top 10 scary warnings from the
future – I asked you where you would timetravel to
Zain said : I would go to June 18 2018 tosave xxxtentacion?92 Breads wrote: I’m from the year 2222000
and an alien named Xanann stole my lemon andbrought it to your time. – cool!Kaoru wrote: I’d want to go back to the past
so I could spend just a little bit more timewith my mom. I miss her. ?– aww…. That reminds me that some of us are lucky
enough to be able to have the option to dothat right now
and we should.

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