This Is The Russian Space Agency ‘ROSCOSMOS’

I hint about the only person around it doesn’t have TV coverage of the things that man got the black up now you’re gonna be getting a TV picture now they’ll yes we are getting a TV picture one all yeah yeah yeah guardian more than half a century ago Russia introduced mankind to the path of space the first steps really came in threes in the first cosmonaut of the planets yuri gagarin the first female cosmonaut valentina Tereshkova and the first spacewalk ever made by Alex aileanna in 2011 the united nations general assembly named the twelfth of april $YEAR the international day of human space flight today almost one-half of all launches are performed in Russia Russia deals with sending cosmonauts and astronauts up to the ISS the international space station is the human outpost in near-earth orbit it is the biggest space object the size of a football field ever built by humans all score sauce along with other leading space agencies have the prime goal of supporting and developing the orbital station while moving forward to outer space Ross cosmos has a decades-long plan on the agenda of exploring space the space missions of the 21st century and Russia will start in the Far East in the am or region vtiger see a city and a modern spaceport must touch me being built there are plans for for launching beds hotels railway station and the airport his mother was positioning favor stannie cosmodrome is expected to confirm the high space status and leading positions of rush in the given area what is he after quite a break Russian science is an orbit again the specter our telescope is the first Russian automatic device aimed at exploring the galaxy it is supposed to expose the eternal question of life how were humans and Earth created going rooms of which teaches firstly we are planning to launch the specter in the x-ray range and secondly in the ultraviolet range to study these questions but now we are working on the devices appearance months that is supposed to be launched later in the millimeter radio waves the Soyuz is the safest middle-class carrier rocket in the world that now has a new homeport the cool cosmodrome in French getting it adds a point to the so uses launching Mad the year 2011 saw the launch of the first so use with two European satellite navigation systems Galileo on all the launches are held under the agreement of both Russia and friends in the coming 15 years there will be no less than 50 soyuz spacecraft launched from the kuru cosmodrome there is a space nuclear energy units of higher power being created for the future ships in Russia the new engine will significantly increase the speed of our spacecraft space is a part of every Russian citizens like the satellites that is source dk1 electro l media r3m health monitor fires floods earthquakes and inform about natural disasters in the 21st century Russia is planning to explore the northern territories the North Pole plays a major role in shaping the world’s clients the new satellite unit arctica will be monitoring the whole weather picture there the first weather satellite will go into orbit in 2015 the glottis satellites are laying a path for humans now the navigation system is working to its limits Russia is ready to provide the whole world with the navigation signals especially what don’t matter it is possible that in the year 2036 earth will meet with a giant asteroid called Apophis Russian constructors have elaborated the plan of sending a radio beacon towards a purpose it might be installed on the body surface or launched in the asteroids orbit only then the movement of this celestial body will be under control nowadays in Moscow there is an expert auntie cosmic thread created under the supervision of the academy of sciences Council also collaboration with the United Nations grew successfully to be continued nowadays just like the international astronomical union the space experience of Russia today is highly significant to the whole world community I hit her about the only person around it doesn’t have TV coverage of the food and minded men got the black up now and you’re gonna do is getting a TV picture now haven’t failed yet we are getting a picture with you want all family

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