The Speed of Light Problem

An interesting look at relativity and what happens as we approach and travel at the speed of light.

“PLEASE READ THIS before you post comment:
1. If you have the time, please listen to the whole deal first, then think about it (put thoughts into it!) – instead of stopping early and posting high school physics paradigms.
2. The “problem” I am trying to convey is in full awareness of that matter CAN’T nor WILL ever travel at the speed of light.
3. At any times the “problem” is completely independent of that fact.
4. However, in a thought experiment, it is absolutely valid for something WITHOUT mass to travel at the speed of light.
5. Light for example.
6. Described effects (e.g. of “leaving the universe behind”) is a logical result of the Einsteinean mathematics. If the mathematics of time, length and weight dilation are true, so are the conclusions I am drawing.

The “problem” or “undefined area” it is all about:
– Why does Relativity exist? Why do we observe effects that can be described by the theory of relativity?
– Why is the speed of light exactly 299 792 458m/s? Why do we observe the specific speed of c? Why isn’t it different?
– Why is the speed of light finite, if quantum theory proves that in the moment of observation, the distance light traveled collapses immediately (infinitely fast)?”

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