The Beauty Of Planet Mars


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Out of all the planets in our Solar System, we are fascinated most by the planet Mars. It is the fourth furthest planet from the Sun and the most like the Earth in our Solar System. It is often called the “Red Planet” as the iron oxide on its surface gives it a reddish appearance.

Data from Mars probes, the Mars Express and the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter confirmed that there were large quantities fo water at the poles and the Phoenix lander found samples of ice in soil in 2008.  These discoveries still give hope that life may eventually be found there. But life not as we know it, perhaps!


Strong plumes of methane gas have been discovered on Mars. Scientists say the origin of the gas could be geological or biological. On Earth, 90% of methane gas is of biological origin. So could biological life forms, perhaps long dead, have caused this methane on Mars?? But the mystery deepens as scientists also now agree that this methane is being replenished!

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