[Eng Sub] Grand tour of Tiangong Space Station with Shenzhou-13 astronauts

There’s no end in space exploration Like a spinning gyroscope we came along from Shenzhou-10 mission Now we are in the Chinese Space Station Welcome to the Tiangong Classroom Hello everyone Do you still remember me? I’m space teacher Wang Yaping I’m now in the Tianhe core module of Chinese Space Station orbiting 400km away from the ground I’m so glad having the chance to teach from space again In today’s lecture my colleagues will assist my teaching They are commander Zhai Zhigang and astronaut Ye Guangfu Now let’s say hello to everyone Hi everyone I’m commander Zhai Zhigang Hello everyone I’m astronaut Ye Guangfu I’m so glad to have this opportunity to explore the interesting science during spaceflight Before the lecture let’s take a tour of our home in space I’m turning around now to the sleeping area It feels cool to fly around in space This is our sleeping area There are 3 berths and one sanitary quarter This is the berth for Zhai Zhigang This is the toilet The docking hub is at the end of the sleeping area our Shenzhou-13 spacecraft and Tianzhou-2 cargo spacecraft are parked there Here is Ye Guangfu’s berth and this one is mine I used my family photos and some small toys to decorate it In the night we can have private talks to our family This is a porthole We are now in the shadow of earth It looks dark outside Blood distribution in our body is different from that on earth due to the microgravity Blood tends to distribute more to the upper body It gives us the chubby face Microgravity is not good for health To stay healthy we have some methods to counter the adverse effects One of them is to have daily workout Look This is one of the equipment we use to exercise a space treadmill or call it jogging platform. To properly use it in space we need the elastic resistance straps to press us down onto the machine. Let me show you how to use it Buckle up firstly Underneath the treadmill is a suspension system to reduce the impacts on the attitude of the space station We have customized exercise plans made by health experts We call it exercise prescription. Juse like a medicine prescription it helps us stay healthy. Here is the space kitchen where we have the meals together There are many storages on both sides of the kitchen This is a fan heater and this is a microwave Both are used to warm the meals. Here are the water dispenser and cooler. The cooler works like a small refrigerator. Let’s see what are inside. See? Apple. Although it’s small, only with it we can have fresh fruits in space. Water is essential for our life. We cannot live without it. This water dispenser is where we access drinking water. Thanks to the advancement of technology, our space station is capable of recycling water. We don’t waste any drop of water. Later when we do the demonstrations, you will see some interes phenoma happen to water in space. Please watch closely later. Let’s continue our tour. This one is another important equipment for workout a space bike To exercise in microgravity environment we also need this restriction system. We not only use it to exercise the lower body. It’s also for upper body exercise. Let me show you how to use it. The gear now is low. The resistance is not too high, so it’s easy to spin it. Besides the bike is the research cabinet. We have already done some research of physics material science and life science. Recently, Mr. Ye completed some cell research. He will introduce it later. Have you noticed that Mr. Ye wear clothes different than mine. Now our commander will introduce it to you. Hello everyone. Anyone knows what are the effects of microgravity on our body? Yeah. It has adverse effects on our cardiovascular system, bones, and muscles. To prevent muscle atrophy due to microgravity, we have another secret weapon in addition to the tradmill and the space bike. What Mr. Ye is wearing looks none other than an ordinary suit from the outside. Let’s see how it looks inside. These are two rings on the chest bands to adjust the tightness. There are more. This is the band on front side of thigh. This is on the tarsal. This is on the back. Here on the back side of thigh, adjustment rings for four bands. All these bands restrict our body parts We have to use strength to make a move. It forces us to exerci the muscle, which helps to mitigate muscle atrophy. We have a special name for this suit. It’s called the penguin suit. That’s great. Let’s thank our commander for the introduction. Behind the design of this blue suit, are the ingenious ideas from engineers. We mentioned cell research at the begining of the tour. Now Mr. Ye will introduce more about it. Let’s see the how cells behave in space. OK everyone. Currently we are doing research of cell growth under microgravity. We use this computer to make the observation. This is the interface of the software. This is the device we use to perform cell culture. It can maintain proper temperature and gas concentration for the cell culture. After a while, we take the cells out to do observation with this device on the above. It’s called Medical Sample Microscopic Observation and Recording Device. There’s a microscope inside where we put the sample under the microscope lens and then use the software in computer to observe the cells. Recently we have done many studies on cells. Some are on different cycles. Some are on different lenght of cell culture. We perform cell cuture under two different conditions microgravity and artifical 1 G gravity. Then we compare the cells from the two groups, to study the difference of their growth and morphology under microgravity and 1G gravity. Then we do the further study of the growth mechanism. In addition, we have different types of cells to study. We have skin stem cells, cardiomyocytes and more em Cells in space have interesting behaviors. We can even see them jumping. Yes. Let me show you a recent video of the observation. Here it is. This is a recording of a cardiomyocyte under fluorescence microscope. Do you see the flashing fluorescence? Do you know why? Actually it’s a result of the bioelectricity of the cell. These cells are live. The bioelectricity can activate fluorescence. Only with this special approach we can see what happened in the video, It’s amazing. em. Yes, it is. We have videos of cells jumping. Let’s watch it together. OK. Here it is. These arr also cardiomyocytes. They are collectively doing contractions. Watch closely. Do you see the active cells. They are moving with rhythms. They are indeed jumping. Yes. They look happy like trying to say we are living well. How about it? Is it interesting? I encourage you to join our research of cell biology in space. That is great. Let’s thank Mr. Ye for the exploration. We’ve just completed the tour of our home in space. I look forward to seeing you again next time.

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