Endeavour Undocking Tomorrow + Alpha 2 Ready for Hot Fire | SpaceX Pink

The Crew-2 targeting a return 
to Earth no earlier than Nov 8,  with a splashdown off the coast of Florida.  Crew Dragon Endeavour is scheduled to undock 
from the international Space Station on Nov 7.  the crew 2 preparations inside dragon.
thomas pesquet said: It’s been a fantastic  ride and now we’re ready to go home 
and reunite with our loved ones.  I couldn’t have hoped for better crewmates, 
or better people fly to space with.  I told them on the launchpad, and it’s 
unchanged after 6 months in a tin can, 24/7. The new spacex crane is up and ready for work,  until we have an official 
name for it, i will call it x.  and Buucky is going down, 
end of service at starbase.  a beautiful starbase view 
from labpadre sapphire cam. self propelled modular transporter 
moved to the orbital launch site. Megan McArthur shared this beautiful picture, 
she said: Getting ready to come home,  and these last few nights of aurora viewing 
from the Station, have felt like a gift.  Hopefully some of you are enjoying 
the view from the other side too. this is Firefly Alpha rocket 2 
on the pad, Ready for hot fire. a close up view by starship gazer 
at the top of ship 21 nosecone.  ship after ship, spacex team will be 
able to install the heat tiles faster,  and with more precision. change of command ceremony at 
the international space station,  between thomas pesquet and Anton Shkaplerov, 
emotional speech, with big hug at the end.

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