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Hi everyone! Welcome to VOC, vision of China. How’s it going today? I am glad to bring a new topic aboutChina’s Zhurong rover sent photos back from Mars. Several days ago, China’s Zhurong Mars Rover landed on Mars. China became the second country in the world to masterthe ability to soft-land on the surface of Mars. From a previous video, the former Soviet Union sent a Mars 3 on Mars,but it didn’t send back an image to Earth and got lost. It could be a failure, and Russians made several tries later,and none of them succeeded. So till now, only USA and China successfully landed on Mars. A few of viewers asked whether the video clip showing the Zhurong roverlanding on Mars is real or not. We believe it is an animation generated based onthe telemetry data received from the rover. Many people do not believe it is true,as the rover has not sent back a picture to provethe successful landing of the Chinese Mars rover. Indeed, several days have passed since the landing,but no images have been released,even some Chinese netizens are nervous. Certain foreign netizens even challenged whether Chinacould make such an achievement,And some even defamed China for stealing the Intellectual property fromthe United States. China has proved its capabilityby sending its astronauts to outer space. It even sent its Chang’e rover to the backside of the Moon,becoming the only country that achieved it. Was the Zhurong rover landing on Mars a success or failure?NASA already told the world it was true. Otherwise, it would not send out its congratulation letter toits Chinese counterpart. Then came the question:why did it take so long to send an image back from Mars to Earth?Did China’s Mars rover get lost?A great deal of persons are waiting for the answer. The reason for the slow transmission of imaging data from the Zhurong Mars roveris that China has only one relay communication satellite,the Tianwen one orbiter. The distance between the Earthand Mars is around 328 million kilometers at this moment,and we cannot expect a connection as fast as our home internet. The Tianwen one orbiter can only relay the data to the Earth aroundone hour a day as well. 2 months ago,China’s National Space Administration released 3 high-definition images ofMars taken by China’s first Mars exploration mission, includingtwo panchromatic photos and one colour image on March 4, 2021. The high-resolution camera took the panchromatic images at an altitude ofabout 330 km to 350 km from the surface of Mars,clearly showing the small craters, ridges, dunes and otherfeatures on the surface of Mars. The colour image was taken by the medium-resolution cameraand recorded the north polar region of Mars. It is the first time China took a close-up image of the Mars surface. “And two months later, the Mars imaging data taken by the Zhurong rovereventually came to Earth across the vast cosmic space ofover 300 million kilometers. Zhurong Mars rover is the largest human deployment on Mars surface,relying on solar power to move around. It weighs 240 kilograms and is equipped with six main scientificexploration instruments. The Tianwen one Mars exploration missionset many records. The most notable is thatit is the first independent exploration of Mars by China itself. When China’s rover landed on Mars, one US lawmaker lamentedthat “the US no longer owns space. “Did space ever belong to the United States?At least for a while, the Americans thought so themselves. There was a widespread rumour that the United States had decided toclaim the Moon belonged to the United States in 1969when its astronauts walked on it. But the US astronaut, Armstrong, didn’t say it. Instead, he declared it was the success of humankind. We do not believe the rumour, as the United Statesshould not be that narrow-minded, butit reflects the mindset of some Americans,who believe the world is America-oriented. However, in 2019, with the unprecedented soft landing ofChina’s Chang’e 4 on the back of the Moon,China proved the world is not centred on the United States. Many American netizens blame China for the theft of US technology,but the United States had not landed on the back of the Moon yet. As mentioned in the previous video uploaded earlier today,Ren Zhengfei said his company could not steal something the US doesn’t have. The same answer also applies here:How can China steal the technology that the US has not possessed yet. China’s Mars exploration mission completed the 3 critical steps ofMars exploration in one go,something the United States has not dared to do. The famous science journal, Nature,quoted Italian astronomer Roberto Orosei as saying thatChina has done three things in one mission to Mars,which took the United States decades to accomplish. It is a massive leap for China. It is not only a leap for China but also for the world. The Wall Street Journal called it China’s “crowning moment”for the successful landing of China’s Tianwen one on Mars,noting that China’s interplanetary exploration capabilitieshave caught up with those of the United States. It is noteworthy that it did not forget to credit the formerSoviet Union for its Mars 3. The New York Times reviewed China’s achievements in spaceexploration on the Moon, Mars and space stations over the years. It also talked about the US achievements on Mars exploration,saying China was repeating “the path the US has taken. “But the US media also had to admit that this is a milestone mission. In addition, the US media also mentioned other Mars exploration failures,such as the failure of the Soviet Union andthe European Space Agency’s Mars exploration mission,which also shows the side of the Chinese Tianwen-1 first landing onMars is not easy. NASA Deputy Administrator Thomas Zurbuchenalso expressed his congratulations on social media tothe successful landing of China’s Tianwen one on Mars. NASA retweeted his congratulation. The day before yesterday, on May 19, 2021,NASA Administrator Bill Nelson congratulatedChina for its Mars exploration success. However, he warned Congress of China’s competitive threat toAmerican leadership in human spaceflight. He said China is a very aggressive competitor,and the Chinese are planning to send astronauts to the Moon. For several decades, hundreds of millions of people worldwidebelieve the US crewed mission to the Moon was fake. NASA never bothered explaining it. And even more suspicious is that the United Statesnever sent its astronauts to the Moon again. Fifty-two years passed, the United States should have moreadvanced technology to send human-crewed spacecraft to the Moon. It is a little strange that Bill Nelson informed the houseappropriators of his request for over $11 billion in an infrastructurebill to come at the hearing on the same day. Suppose the United States already sent two astronauts to the Moon in 1969. Why should it invest an additional $5. 4 billion in HLS humanlanding system Program? In the 1980’s, US President Reagan initiatedThe Strategic Defense Initiative ,The imaginary star war program,to paralyze the former Soviet Union’s economy, and he succeeded. It proved to be a well-told story, and Russians believed it. Was the crewed moon mission in 1969 also a beautiful story?In 1962, when John F Kennedy delivered his famous Moon Speech,saying “we choose to go to the moon” at the Rice University,was he also deceiving the Soviets?In the past decades, the US and its allies have beenrefusing to share information with China regarding space research,but China progressed step by step. In December 2020, China’s Chang’e 5 completed thelunar sample return mission. China is a newcomer in many areas,but it has a population 4. 5 times of the United States,and it has more engineers than any country in the world,including the United States. It is worth mentioning that in 2020, 70% more overseas Chinese scientistsand students went back to China for development opportunities. If China is so bad as western media said, how can that happen?At present, there are still some westerners believingthey are superior to other nations. However, several years later,they may have to face the fact that Chinese peopledo not have time to quarrel with them,as they need to focus on their research and development. When China becomes the world’s number one with their hard workand intelligence, some western scholars may tell the worldthat Chinese people should be white, not yellow,as the German guy wrongly classified Chinese as yellow people,and he was so wrong. Chinese people like to be called yellow people,however, as in the Chinese culture,Yellow is the colour of the Royal family in Ancient times,and it is also the colour of gold. Look at the flares in the Chinese Damas’s eyes. How much do the Chinese like the colour yellow?They are proud of being yellow. And the colour of petroleum is black,and some people call the crude oil black gold. There are so many black singers, dancers, athletes,politicians and so on. We hope someday,the slogan Black Lives Matter will change Black is our pride. Anyone who has common sense knowsthat there is no such colour as white,because it is a combination of all colors. Canada and the United States have all people ofvarious origins living together, meaningthe two countries are white, combining all people of colour. On May 20, 2021, US president Joe Biden signed an Anti-Asian Hate Crime Bill. It is an excellent leap in US human rights. All people in the world, be it inside or outside the United States,have human rights. Not every western countries will embracewith the Uyghurs. Thank you for watching our video. You can put your opinions in the comments below. We will keep on uploading new videos. So your subscribe and likes will encourage us to create new videos.

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