China-Russia MOON BASE Begins

That’s no moon… It’s a Chinese-Russian Moon base And it could determine the future of space Welcome to China Uncensored, I’m Chris Chappell. There’s a new space force in orbit. And  this one is being led by China and Russia. But first, Youtube frequently  demonetizes the show. If you can, help support our work for as little as a dollar  an episode on And be sure to hit those  like and subscribe buttons, so the almighty YouTube  algorithm may smile upon us. So as I said, Russia and China are teaming  up. This time—to build a moon base. That’s one small step for man, one  giant leap—into a dystopian future. I’m kidding of course. The Russia-China  moon base is for “peaceful purposes in the interests of all mankind”. That’s according to this joint  statement from China and Russia. And just when the world needed  him most, Elon Musk vanished. “The two countries have also signed  agreements to jointly create a data center for the exploration of the moon and deep space.” The base will be built on the lunar south pole. That’s because scientists believe there might  be a lot of ice there. And ice could serve as a water supply. There also might be an  orbital part of the moon base as well. The base will be called the  “International Lunar Science Station.” International, because China and Russia  want to lure the rest of the world in, so they can replace the US  as the dominant space force. It’s a real possibility too. “The  European Space Agency has also expressed interest in partnering with China  on future missions to the Moon.” As early as last year, China  was talking about a Moon base. And in 2019, China was the first country to  land a probe on the dark side of the moon. Unfortunately, the probe was  quickly refracted into a rainbow. NASA has excluded China from  all US space operations. That’s because China’s space program is run  by the Chinese Communist Party’s military. Although now Biden’s space advisers are  saying we should cooperate with China. They are officially space cadets. US dominance of space has  been slipping for decades. And Russia and China are eager to replace the US. Not only would that have a huge  impact on future space explorations, but also on security here on Earth. China is already trying to replace the  GPS navigation system, which is run by the US. And they’ve launched  their own satellites to do it. So whoever controls space  will be the next superpower. The Biden Administration has said it will continue the Trump era Artemis  Program to return to the moon. Former Vice President Mike Pence had said  the US would return to the Moon by 2024. To get there, NASA created the Artemis  Program in 2017, and it laid the groundwork for international cooperation in  space—international cooperation with the US. NASA also created the Artemis Accords in  2020, and they’ve been signed by 10 countries. The Accords say that “Partner nations…need  to agree to 10 basic norms as part of their space activities, such as operating  transparently and releasing scientific data.” Those are things that China and  Russia maybe aren’t too keen on, being authoritarian regimes and all.  And, I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I really agree with state-run Global  Times on this one, when they say Russia opting for moon base cooperation with  China over the US is ‘not surprising’ And now, as a thank you to everyone who  supports China Uncensored on Patreon, I’ll answer a question from what I call  the China Uncensored 50 cent army. P Dwag asks, “Doesn’t the CCP already  control the value of the RMB within China? They are just re-inventing  bank accounts and debit cards.” This was in response to our recent episode  about China declaring war on Bitcoin. Essentially, the Chinese Comunist Party is trying  to create its own national digital currency. P Dwag, you’re right that China  already controls the value of the RMB. But that’s not enough for the Communist  Party. Over the past several years, China has been transitioning  to becoming a cashless society. That gives the government way more power  to monitor and track every transaction Chinese people make. It also let’s  them freeze the accounts of dissidents. Sure, there are tools to do most of  that already, but it involves piecing together a lot of different systems, including  coordinating with different Chinese companies. But with a digital currency, it’s so much easier. Globally, however, the US dollar still dominates.  In fact, a lot of China’s Belt and Road agreements operate using the dollar. China wants to have  the dominant global currency. The RMB is unlikely to do that. But countries around the world are  experimenting with a national digital currency. “Yet no major power is as far along as China. Its  early moves could signal where the rest of the world goes with digital currencies.” So China’s ambition is much greater  than just controlling the RMB. And if that terrifies you, now’s a  good time to remind you that China Uncensored also accepts bitcoin.  Go to Thanks for your question P Dwag. And thank you for watching. Once again  I’m Chris Chappell. See you next time.

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