Black Holes And The Creation Of Galaxies

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A black hole is a region of space created out of a collapsed star and deformed by gravity such that even light cannot escape. There is an area around the black hole called the Event Horizon, a boundary which is a point of no return and everything that passes the Event Horizon is sucked into the black hole. It is believed that every galaxy has at its centre a black hole and even our Milky Way has one th  tis estimated to have a mass of approximately 4 million times that of our Sun.

At one time it was thought that nothing could escape a black hole, hence the term ‘black hole’ was coined. However in 1974 Professor Hawking showed that black holes do emit small amounts of thermal radiation. This radiation is so weak and cannot be used to identify a black hole. Scientists therefore use a possible black holes gravitational interactions with its surroundings to identify areas where black holes may exist.

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