At The Edge Of The Universe

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The observable Universe is spherical and has a diameter of about 93 billion light years. There may be portions of the Universe beyond the observable Universe as light since the Big Bang hasn’t had a chance to yet reach Earth. Distance objects can expand away from us at much faster than the speed of light, this doesn’t violate’ special relativity’ which puts no constraint on speed of distant objects when space between them is expanding. This video takes you on, what it says is a 10 billion light year  journey to the edge. Most experts now believe that to get to the edge we really need to be talking about 45 billion light years.

If the Universe began with a Big Bang and is expanding, what is it expanding into and does it have an edge?? If the Universe is infinite it will expand forever but if it is finite, where is the edge? Well, there isn’t one because of the idea that gravity curves space. This is something very difficult for our 3 dimensional physical brains to get our heads around!

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