A Vision Of Deep Space

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Here is a stunning compilation video of original paintings by amateur astronomer and astrophotographer Philip A Cruden.

Philip A Cruden professionally works as a Production Designer and Art Director in the Animation Feature Film, TV series and Game industry.  Although very passionate about what he does for a living, his other passion is anything to do with Astronomy.  In the summer months in Arizona, Phil’s telescope is packed away due to the heat of the summer so Phil turns to his imagination and paints the cosmos. Some of Phil’s paintings are based on Astronomy science facts and others are pure imagination but with a solid astronomy footing.  Enjoy! More of Phil’s astronomy can be found at www.billionplanetsquest.com

There are some great photographs on Philip’s site (www.billionplanetsquest.com) taken with amateur equipment. Just shows you what can be achieved nowadays by anyone with a little passion.

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