3 Mars Missions Of 2020 – Explained. (English Subtitles)

By this time next year,Mars will be abuzz with robotic activities. That’s because three space agencies from three different countries are aiming at Marsthis month. The US,China and the United Arab Emirates all plan to send rovers or orbiters intospace. NASA has sent four rovers to the Red Planet in the past,but this will be China’s and the UAE’Sfirst attempts. The Emirates Mars mission is set to launch the Hope Orbiter on 17th July. China To Launch Tianwen-1 on 23rd July and the USAIs planning to launch it Mars 2020 Mission on 30th July of this year. Let’s compare the three missions together. Hope is a 1350 kilograms Mars orbiter operatedby Mohammed Bin Rashid Space Center with a mission duration of two years,and is all set to launch atop Japan’s H-IIA rocket. Tianwen-1 has a total launch mass of 5000kilograms and is operated by China National Space Administration,which includes an orbiter,a lander and a rover. It is designed to be operational for 93 earth days and has launched a top ofChina’s Long March 5 rocket. Mars 2020 Mission of NASA includes a Mars rover named Perseverancewith a launch massive 1025 kilograms and a Martian helicopternamed Ingenuity. It is designed to be operational for one Martian year,or 687 Earth days,and has launched atop Atlas five rocket of United Launch Alliance. All three missions will be inserted into Martian orbit on February 2021. Now, let’s discuss the mission objectives and payloadseach mission is carrying. The scientific objectives for the Hope Mars missionis aimed at providing a complete picture of the Martian atmosphere. Hope helps us to learn more about the drastic climatic change in the Martianatmosphere from the time it could sustain liquid water to today. The scientific instruments which make this happen includesEmirates Exploration Imager,a multi band camera capable of taking high resolution images. Emirates Mars Infrared Spectrometer,An interferometric thermal infrared spectrometer to examine temperature profiles,ice, water vapour and dust in the atmosphere and Emirates Mars UltravioletSpectrometerA far ultraviolet imaging spectrograph that measures global characteristics andvariability of the thermosphere. The aims of Tianwen-1 mission includes finding evidence for current and past life ofMars,producing Martian surface maps,characterizing Martian soil composition and water ice distribution andexamining the Martian atmosphere. The orbiter carries six scientific instruments,which includes High and medium resolution cameras,A Mars magnetometer,Mars Mineral Spectrometer, Orbiter Subsurface Radar and Mars Ionand Neutral Particle Analyzer,while the rover is equipped with Ground-Penetrating Radar,Mars Surface Magnetic Field Detector,Mars Meteorological Measurement Instrument,Mars Surface Compound Detector,Multi-Spectrum Camera,also a Navigation and Topography camera. The Mars 2020 mission focuses on determining whether life ever existed onMars,characterizing the climate and geology of Mars and demonstrating keytechnologies for using natural resource in the Martian environment for life supportand fuel for future human exploration. Perseverance Rover will carry seven scientific instruments to study the Martian surfaceat Jezero crater, 23 cameras and two microphones. The rover will also be accompanied by the helicopter “Ingenuity”,which will help Perseverance to scout for locations to study. We will be releasing an exclusive video on NASA’s Mars 2020 missionbefore its launch. So don’t forget to subscribe this channel for an in depth analysis of Mars2020 Mission and all the best to all three missions. Please,like, comment and share this video with your friends. Also,don’t forget to subscribe the channel for more videos.

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