10 SCARY Things Found in SPACE

Hey YouTube, Jim here!Welcome to Top10Archive!Do you ever find yourself wondering about
this huge rock we’re floating on and thethings surrounding it?Does the thought of some space object crashing
through your roof and living room floor terrorizeyou?
Well, it sometimes keeps me up at night thinking- which is why we’ve compiled this list
of the Top 10 Scariest Things Found in Space!Before we blow your mind, we asteroid you
to give the video a like and click the bellfor future notifications. Ohyea, and be sure to leave your best COMET!Get it, comet?they don’t get it>10. Wandering Black Holes
Black holes on their own are probably thescariest thing we heard of as kids. To start, a black hole is a void that has
a gravitational pull so strong that lightcan’t even get out. It is the epitome of space mystery wrapped
into a huge vortex of terror. Add to the fact that astronomers have now
found that there is such thing as wanderingblack holes. That’s right, these terrifying vortexes,
straight out of interstellar can travel andsuck up anything that gets in their way at
a speed of, get this, 5 million kilometersper hour. That’s like a space tornado on steroids. During a collision or merge with a separate
galaxy, both of these types of black holescould move to the outer parts of one galaxy
and into another. Though supermassive black holes (with up to
10 billion times the sun’s mass) are thoughtto be in the center of most galaxies, we don’t
have one in the Milky Way. But we also don’t want one, your move, Universe. 9. An Endless Hot Day
This “super earth”, aptly named 55 Cancri-eand some 40-light-years away from Earth, is
twice the size of our planet in radius, buthas one side permanently facing its star. This means that on this planet you have to
travel to the other side to get a good night’ssleep!The disturbing part about it is that on the
day side, temperatures reach 4400 degreesFahrenheit, and though the night side is about
half that, it’s still an extremely hot planetin which there is no atmosphere or wind to
regulate temperature. 8. Skull Fly By
For some reason, there are few days on thisEarth that we look to the skies more than
on Halloween. We love it when it all comes together and
we get a clear sky, a full moon, and a Halloweennight all in one. In 2015, we got more than we bargained for. That exact night an asteroid flew by Earth,
which on its own is nothing new as we constantlysee a rain of asteroids that don’t make
it near our atmosphere. However, this asteroid was all but normal. Its orbit was just outside of our moon but
it was the shape that really blew people’sminds. Once you take a good look at the surface of
this asteroid – that would have made a 6-milewide dent in our planet – you see it has a
face!And not just any face, the face of a skull. A bad omen?Perhaps. What’s worse is that it’ll make a return
in November, 2018! Remindme to stay home that night, will ya?7. A Face on Mars
It’s said that we look for faces in anything:on toast, in clouds, this dog’s butt…But, in 1976, scientists found a face on Mars. That’s right. Once you take a look at the rock formation
its found on, it’s uncanny!It seems as if a mask resembling a human face
had just been left behind by some ancientcivilization waiting to be found. Though it may not look like it, the entire
face is roughly 1 mile or 1. 6 kilometers across!Similar phenomena are seen on Earth, like
the Old Man on the Mountain in New Hampshire,so scientists believe that this was simply
a natural result of erosion, lava and othernatural elements. Call me an Earthist, but I don’t think faces
belong outside our planet. . 6. The Eridanus Supervoid
The Eridanus Supervoid, also known as theGreat Void, is an entirely empty space in…
well. . space!The size alone, 500 million light years in
diameter, makes it the largest “thing”to be discovered by NASA. To put it in perspective, imagine that you’re
sitting in an empty room, but there’s nofloor, or walls, or any sort of matter around
forever. There’s no escape. Is there an opposite of claustrophobic?Because that’s the exact feeling this type
of endlessness induces. The bizarre truth of the matter is, scientists
have no idea how this void even happened. Some even think it’s a black hole, perhaps
even an entanglement with another universe. This particular case brings a question into
light. . What’s more frightening, a vast space of
inescapable nothing, or a vast space of unknowns?5. Zombie Star
Supernova iPTF14hls has a less-than-climacticname, but its story is absolutely amazing. When astronomers realized a few years ago
that the star had been dying and coming backto life for months, they decided to look into
it further. Typically when a star dies, explosively, it
will keep a nice bright glow that remainsafter the burst for around 100 days. This star, however, kept going for a full
600 days!That’s not even the craziest part, though,
because when they looked into it they realized…the star had been reported to die in 1954
and had kept dying and reviving ever since!It’s a Frankenstein star!Turns out, we don’t know much about the
death of stars. 4. Pumpkin Stars
NASA has nicknamed 18 stars the “ExtremePumpkin Stars”, whose shape is formed by
their extreme spin. These stars don’t just look crazy, they
blast X-rays into space thousands of timesmore than our own star, the sun. Everything in our galaxy is quite mild when
you look at it. Sure the sun is a huge fiery ball of spinning
lava, but it’s just a baby compared to what’sreally out there. Our sun takes nearly one month to rotate in
entirety, while these massive stars, some10 times larger, can spin in just 5 1/2 days!That, my friends, is a very large, very quick
spinning hot ball of gas. And we’re just fine watching from the comfort
of our telescopes, thank you. 3. A Totally Dark Planet
If you slept with a night light and ran toyour parents’ side during a power outage,
you’ll definitely find this planet to bethe most daunting, because TrEs-2b is straight
out of a Batman movie. Gotham city?Try planet of eternal night. This planet, discovered in 2006, is the darkest
to be found orbiting a star. The reason?It’s doesn’t reflect light and is actually
less reflective than coal. However, there’s a bright side. The atmosphere on the planet is so hot that
its believed to burn a deep red glow. Is it worth the lava-hot temperatures?We’re not so sure. 2. The Largest Electric Current
Have you ever accidentally shocked yourselfwith an outlet or gotten a particularly rough
shock that shook you to your core?In a galaxy far, far away, is a supermassive
black hole. And you know that when astronomers say supermassive,
they’re not kidding. In this galaxy, known as 3C303, a supermassive
black hole exists that has a magnetic fieldwith the largest electrical current on record,
in the universe!The electrical current is the equivalent of
one trillion lightning bolts on Earth. Imagine the closest lightning you’ve seen. It was startling, right?Well, it doesn’t even pale in comparison
to what this electrical current produces. 1. A Nightmare in Space
Who doesn’t love a nice, brightly-coloredplanet?Though its beautiful blue exterior is attractive,
you wouldn’t want to get caught on HD 189733b. On the outside, it looks similar to Earth,
but any space traveler caught on this planetwould have to endure the fatal weather, with
winds up to 4,500 MPH!To put that into perspective, Tropical Cyclone
Olivia, known for having the highest recordedwind speeds, clocked in around 253 MPH. Doing the math, that’s roughly 1/18th as
strong!Even if we could sit through that, anytime
we had to endure a rainstorm we’d be succumbingto space-torture. As if this planet were invented by Vlad the
Impaler, rain on this planet is essentiallya glass storm, as the silicate particles rain
sideways. Suddenly the Earth doesn’t seem so bad now,

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