★ How to Get to Mars. Very Cool! HD

We don’t fire a rocket motor all the way to mars. We don’t need toYou just place the spacecraft on a trajectory to mars and let it coast for seven months and 300 million milesuntil it reaches the planetAtmospheric entry in 3. . 2. . 1. . Just passed in one minute that atmospheric entry current altitude 121 miles, current velocity 12,084 miles per hourWe are now at an altitude of 73 miles moving at a speed of 12,192 miles per hourexpected parachute deploy in five seconds fourthree, two,one, MarkWe’re awaiting confirmation parachute has deployedParachute was detectedHeat shield deployed eventSpacecraft reporting the scene field at the -Planet separation event has been detected. Spacecraft reporting lander has separated moving at a speed of 173 miles per hourWe are near our terminal velocityExpected retro Rocket ignition on my mark – Mark. At this point in time, we should be on the groundAny signal that we receive from now indicates the vehicle would be alive on the ground and bouncingThe Spacecraft has to survive all the bounces for landing to be a successNo signal at the momentStandbySignal strength is currently intermittentWe don’t see a signal at the momentWhat do we see? We’ve got the signal! The first thing we have to do after we land is open our solar panels to the sunSo we’ll have some power. This charges up the batteriesAfter that, we can deploy the camera mast so the rover can see and deploy the antenna, so the rover can talk to us

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