Category: The Moon


Strange Glow of the Moon

NASA’s scientists have found out what lies behind the strange glow of the Moon. Namely, they have discovered that electric dust makes this unusual phenomenon appear on the Moon’s horizon.


Moon’s Origin

A team of scientists has conducted research about the Moon’s origin and published their theory in the journal Nature Geoscience. According to them, our Moon went through many impacts during its formation stage. Moreover,...


Strange Facts About Our Moon

Even though the Moon is the closest space object to our planet, there are many facts that keeps it still the mystery. This video gives us the list of strange facts about our satellite.


25 Cool Facts About the Moons

The following video shows us the list of 25 cool and interesting facts about various moons of our Solar System. The list begins with Saturn’s moon, Enceladus, and its astonishing fountains. The list further...


Total Solar Eclipse on March 8th

This video shows us Total Solar Eclipse that occurs on March 8 and 9th, 2016. The video is taken from Micronesia because the full eclipse was seen in its totality only from a few...