Category: The Earth


Aurora Borealis Captured from Northern Alberta

The following video captured an incredible view of Aurora Borealis from Canadian province, the Northern Alberta. The video is taken from the Highway 63 on January 13 this year by an astrophotographer Paul Smith.


Earth by Night

This video contains the images of the Earth that are taken from the International Space Station (ISS) by night.


Northern Lights Above America

The following time-lapse video shows the northern lights above America captured from the International Space Station (ISS). The video is made by ESA’s astronaut Paolo Nespoli.


Northern Lights Above Tromso, Norway

The following video shows us an extraordinary view of the northern lights while dancing above Tromso, Norway. The video is captured by Simon Goldrick on November 24th.


25 Lies and Truths About Space

The following video lists the 25 most spread lies about space many of us still believe. Even though many of them are not intentionally created, we might be amazed at some misconceptions we still...


The Last Supermoon of the Year

The following video explains where and when to watch the last supermoon of the year. It will occur on December 3 and coincide with the Full Moon. For that reason, it will be the...