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Red Giant Devours Planet
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Astronomers have observed a Red giant in the process of devouring one of its planets. something similar could happen to Earth when our Sun turns
NASA Update - 5th January 2013
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The latest update from NASA with information on the development and testing of the new Space Launch System and other development programmes.

Captain Kirk Talks To Countryman on Station
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Captain Kirk (William Shatner) talks to Chris Hadfield of the Canadian Space Agency who is aboard the ISS.

Kirk asks
New ESA Missions
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Information on three forthcoming missions by the European Space Agency. Including project 'Euclid' , a project to study 'dark matter',  which has recently

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Milky Way as Seen from Oregon

The following time-lapse video contains the images of the Milky Way captured from the Crater Lake, Oregon. The video is created by an astrophotographer Greg Bellinger. 


Jupiter’s Great Red Spot Changes Its Color

Using data from the NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope, scientists have discovered that the colossal storm on Jupiter is continually shrinking. Because of that, the Great Red Spot becomes taller and its colors are changing....


Aurora Borealis Captured from Norway

The following time-lapse video consists of images of aurora borealis captured from Malangen, Norway. The video is made by an astrophotographer Paul Williams. 


What Lies Beneath Jupiter’s Colorful Bands?

Using data from the NASA’s Juno Spacecraft, scientists have gone deeper to explore Jupiter’s colorful bands. They have found that beneath the clouds it is probably a liquid interior full of hydrogen and helium....


New Evidence Sheds New Light on Neutron Stars

Using data from the NASA’s Chandra X-ray Observatory, scientists have found new evidence that reveals the unexpected function of neutron stars. They have discovered that neutron stars actually feeds ultraluminous X-ray sources (ULX). – [email protected] 2018