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Red Giant Devours Planet
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Astronomers have observed a Red giant in the process of devouring one of its planets. something similar could happen to Earth when our Sun turns
NASA Update - 5th January 2013
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The latest update from NASA with information on the development and testing of the new Space Launch System and other development programmes.

Captain Kirk Talks To Countryman on Station
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Captain Kirk (William Shatner) talks to Chris Hadfield of the Canadian Space Agency who is aboard the ISS.

Kirk asks
New ESA Missions
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Information on three forthcoming missions by the European Space Agency. Including project 'Euclid' , a project to study 'dark matter',  which has recently

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Scientists Found Moving Supermassive Black Hole

Using NASA’s Chandra X-ray Observatory and other telescopes, scientists have discovered a so-called ‘recoiled’ supermassive black hole that seems to be on the move. Namely, the recoiled black holes are created when two smaller...


30-Year Anniversary of Bright Supernova 1987A

Supernova 1987A was discovered on February 23, 1987, when its bright light was noticed for the first time. Thirty years later, we are still able to observe its magic lights. The supernova is located...


Top 25 Weirdest Objects in Space

This video contains the list of 25 weirdest objects in the space. The list begins with the mysterious black holes and continues with other strange things like rogue planets, zombie stars, giant hurricanes on...


How Do Galaxies Form?

In this video, Julian Huguet from DNews tries to answer the question: How do galaxies form? He explains the two models scientists have discovered by studying different types of galaxy clusters.


Six New Images from Chandra’s Data Archive

This video contains the images stored in data archives of NASA’s Chandra X-ray Observatory. These six new images are created not only by using Chandra X-ray Telescope but also by gathering data from telescopes... – [email protected] 2018