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Red Giant Devours Planet
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Astronomers have observed a Red giant in the process of devouring one of its planets. something similar could happen to Earth when our Sun turns
NASA Update - 5th January 2013
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The latest update from NASA with information on the development and testing of the new Space Launch System and other development programmes.

Captain Kirk Talks To Countryman on Station
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Captain Kirk (William Shatner) talks to Chris Hadfield of the Canadian Space Agency who is aboard the ISS.

Kirk asks
New ESA Missions
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Information on three forthcoming missions by the European Space Agency. Including project 'Euclid' , a project to study 'dark matter',  which has recently

Outer Space Videos


How Does the Deep Space Network Work?

In the following video, Julie Wilde from DNews explains how the Deep Space Network helps to collect data from various spacecraft and how it actually works. She explores its role to enable satellites such...


Comet Hitchhiker – NASA

Although successful, Rosetta mission caused scientists spent more than 10 years on building the spacecraft and its probe, and 1 billion euros costs. That motivates them to invent a new way for future operations...


China’s New Space Station

Here is some information on China’s new space station and unmanned resupply vessels.   At the end of the video the presenter mentions that China has signed a co-operation agreement with the European Space...


Future Space Travel Technologies Documentary

Future Space Travel Technologies Documentary  Check out the video down below to learn more information about the current technology that is now being used in order to explore space.


New Info on NASA’s Orion Spacecraft

This is a recorded live transmission from the Kennedy Space Center. Click on the video down below if you’d like to know more about the latest achievements in the Orion Spacecraft.


The Hubble Space Telescope

The Hubble space telescope was launched in 1990 and remains fully functional even today. The name of the telescope comes from the famous astronomer Edward Hubble. Hubble was constructed by NASA with some help... – [email protected] 2018