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Red Giant Devours Planet
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Astronomers have observed a Red giant in the process of devouring one of its planets. something similar could happen to Earth when our Sun turns
NASA Update - 5th January 2013
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The latest update from NASA with information on the development and testing of the new Space Launch System and other development programmes.

Captain Kirk Talks To Countryman on Station
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Captain Kirk (William Shatner) talks to Chris Hadfield of the Canadian Space Agency who is aboard the ISS.

Kirk asks
New ESA Missions
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Information on three forthcoming missions by the European Space Agency. Including project 'Euclid' , a project to study 'dark matter',  which has recently

Outer Space Videos

Astronomy 0


Astronomy Astronomy or night sky-watching has been around as long as humans. Prehistoric people used the stars as both a clock and a calendar. Sunrise and sunset marked day and night while the Moon’s...

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Asteroids, Meteors & Meteorites

Asteroids, Meteors & Meteorites Besides the planets and their moons, many other objects are in the family of the Sun. The most spectacular, as seen from Earth, are comets. Bright comets have been noted...


Fundamental Symmetry

Scientists from the University of Sao Paulo (USP) and the University of Campinas have made precise measurements of particle mass and electric charge that confirm the existence of a fundamental symmetry in nature.


China’s New Space Station

Here is some information on China’s new space station and unmanned resupply vessels.   At the end of the video the presenter mentions that China has signed a co-operation agreement with the European Space...


Lunar Base Using 3D Printing

Lunar Base Using 3D Printing. Could astronauts one day be printing rather than building a base on the Moon? Recently, the London based architectural firm, Foster and Partners teamed up with the European Space Agency...


Earth Timelapses – Alexander Gerst

 Earth Timelapses – Alexander Gerst. Earth timelapses in 4K created using photos taken by ESA astronaut Alexander Gerst during his Blue Dot mission to the International Space Station that took place between May and November 2014. – [email protected] 2018