Planets, Constellations, and Events in the August Night Sky

The month begins with Saturn as the evening planet, which can be visible in the southwestern part of the sky. ...

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An Alien Comet Can Be from Different Solar System

A strange comet known as Comet 69P/Machholz makes astronomers think that comes from another solar system. According to them, the ...

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The Yarkovsky Effect Can Change Course of Asteroids and Comets

This video explores how sunlight affects asteroids and comets, thus influencing their paths. By studying asteroid Bennu, NASA's OSIRIS-REx spacecraft ...

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Scientists Found Mysterious Red Arcs on Tethys, Saturn's Icy Moon

NASA has revealed a new image that displays interesting phenomenon - graffiti-like red lines that stretch through the surface of ...

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Astronomers Have Found 3 New Super-Earths

NASA confirms the discovery of three Earth-like planets in our closest neighborhood. A newly discovered planetary system contains 4 planets ...

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Cassini Detected Two Small Objects in Saturn’s F Ring


NASA’s Cassini spacecraft has detected two small objects, named as F16QA and F16QB, in Saturn’s F ring. The celestial objects were discovered by using Cassini’s narrow-angle camera on February 5, 2017.

Planets, Events, and Constellations in March Night Sky.


In the following month, Mars and Venus are still very close and appear as the evening planets after sunset. We can look for these two bright planets in the western horizon. In the second part of the month, Venus will go away from Mars, but Mercury becomes visible in the west, too.

First Solar Eclipse 2017 – Video


This time-lapse video shows the first solar eclipse in 2017, captured from Coyhaique, Chile. The video is made by Slooh, on February 26th.

Aurora Borealis as Seen from Northern Iceland


The following time-lapse video shows the aurora borealis while dancing in the night sky above the northern Iceland. The video is created by an astrophotographer, John Scarr.

Where to Watch the Following Solar Eclipse?


The following video explains where we can watch the first solar eclipse this year. The eclipse will occur on February 26th.

Milky Way Above Lake Alpine, California


This time-lapse video contains the images of the Milky Way captured from Lake Alpine, California. The video is created by an astrophotographer, Hal Wilkerson.

Scientists Detected Alien Star System with 7 Habitable Planets


Scientists have detected 7 Earth-like planets orbiting a dwarf star called TRAPPIST-1. The seven habitable planets are located in the habitable zone and might support life.