Planets, Constellations, and Events in the August Night Sky

The month begins with Saturn as the evening planet, which can be visible in the southwestern part of the sky. ...

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An Alien Comet Can Be from Different Solar System

A strange comet known as Comet 69P/Machholz makes astronomers think that comes from another solar system. According to them, the ...

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The Yarkovsky Effect Can Change Course of Asteroids and Comets

This video explores how sunlight affects asteroids and comets, thus influencing their paths. By studying asteroid Bennu, NASA's OSIRIS-REx spacecraft ...

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Scientists Found Mysterious Red Arcs on Tethys, Saturn's Icy Moon

NASA has revealed a new image that displays interesting phenomenon - graffiti-like red lines that stretch through the surface of ...

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Astronomers Have Found 3 New Super-Earths

NASA confirms the discovery of three Earth-like planets in our closest neighborhood. A newly discovered planetary system contains 4 planets ...

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Gravity Waves Found in Venus’ Upper Atmosphere


By using data from Japan’s Akatsuki spacecraft, scientists have found gravity waves in Venus’ upper atmosphere. The waves stretch over 10,000 kilometers, flying over Venus’ mountains.

Hubble Images of ‘Shadow Play’ Point at a New Exoplanet


Using the NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope, scientists have detected a ‘shadow play’ of a star that lies in the Hydra constellation, 192 light-years away from our planet. They hypothesize that a shadow could appear as a result of the misaligned inner disk that cast its shadow on the outer one.

Scientists Predicted a Red Nova Explosion in 2022


A team of scientists has discovered that the two stars of the binary star system KIC 9832227 came closer to each other. They have also noticed that the two stars will be progressed and finally collide as a red nova explosion in 2022.

Milky Way as Seen from South Dakota


The following time-lapse video shows us the astonishing beauty of the Milky Way above Badlands National Park, South Dakota. The video was created by an astrophotographer Paul Coapman last September.

Charon Shields Pluto from Solar Wind


A team of scientists from the Georgia Institute of Technology has found that Charon serves as a protected shield for Pluto’s atmosphere from the solar wind.

Descent to Saturn’s Moon, Titan, Revisited


The following video shows a spectacular descent of ESA’s Huygens probe that happened on January 14th, 2005. The Huygens probe has landed on the farthest spot from our Sun.

Black Hole in the Center of Milky Way Throws Cosmic Spitballs


A black hole in the center of the Milky Way shows interesting dynamics. Namely, when a star comes too close to the Galactic Center, the supermassive black hole shreds it apart and spews out cosmic ‘spitballs’ the size of Jupiter.