Planets, Constellations, and Events in the August Night Sky

The month begins with Saturn as the evening planet, which can be visible in the southwestern part of the sky. ...

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An Alien Comet Can Be from Different Solar System

A strange comet known as Comet 69P/Machholz makes astronomers think that comes from another solar system. According to them, the ...

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The Yarkovsky Effect Can Change Course of Asteroids and Comets

This video explores how sunlight affects asteroids and comets, thus influencing their paths. By studying asteroid Bennu, NASA's OSIRIS-REx spacecraft ...

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Scientists Found Mysterious Red Arcs on Tethys, Saturn's Icy Moon

NASA has revealed a new image that displays interesting phenomenon - graffiti-like red lines that stretch through the surface of ...

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Astronomers Have Found 3 New Super-Earths

NASA confirms the discovery of three Earth-like planets in our closest neighborhood. A newly discovered planetary system contains 4 planets ...

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Hubble Captures Stunning Images of Barred Spiral Galaxy Messier 77


Using the ESO’s Very Large Telescope (VLT), scientists have captured these stunning images of the closest active galaxy, Messier 77. This barred spiral galaxy is highly energetic and hides a supermassive black hole in its center.

Scientists Believe Moon Contains More Water Than We Thought


A team of scientists from the Brown University has found that the Moon might contain lots of water in its interior. They believe water is trapped in the rocks created by volcanic eruptions.

Hubble 13 Captured Mars and Phobos Together


The following time-lapse video shows an extraordinary view of Mars and Phobos while orbiting the Red Planet. The video is taken by NASA Hubble Space Telescope.

Sunset on Mars


The following video shows an amazing view of the blue sunset on planet Mars. The video is captured by NASA’s Opportunity Rover.

Milky Way Time-Lapse Captured from Vernal, Utah


The following time-lapse video has caught an extraordinary view of the Milky Way from Vernal, Utah. The video is created by Wayne and Deann Dixon, a pair of astrophotographers from Utah.

MASCARA, New Exoplanet-Hunting Instrument, Will Help Scientists Scan Entire Sky


A new exoplanet-hunting instrument, MASCARA (Multi-site All-Sky CAmeRA), will help scientists observe the entire sky in their search for habitable planets. The MASCARA station is located at ESO’s La Silla Observatory in Chile, where it will enable scientists to discover star systems with exoplanets similar to Earth by their size.

Milky Way as Seen from San Diego County, California


The following time-lapse video has captured a stunning view of the Milky Way above the Pine Valley Creek Bridge in San Diego, California.