Planets, Constellations, and Events in the August Night Sky

The month begins with Saturn as the evening planet, which can be visible in the southwestern part of the sky. ...

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An Alien Comet Can Be from Different Solar System

A strange comet known as Comet 69P/Machholz makes astronomers think that comes from another solar system. According to them, the ...

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The Yarkovsky Effect Can Change Course of Asteroids and Comets

This video explores how sunlight affects asteroids and comets, thus influencing their paths. By studying asteroid Bennu, NASA's OSIRIS-REx spacecraft ...

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Scientists Found Mysterious Red Arcs on Tethys, Saturn's Icy Moon

NASA has revealed a new image that displays interesting phenomenon - graffiti-like red lines that stretch through the surface of ...

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Astronomers Have Found 3 New Super-Earths

NASA confirms the discovery of three Earth-like planets in our closest neighborhood. A newly discovered planetary system contains 4 planets ...

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Power Source of Jupiter’s Red Spot


The following video explains what is Jupiter’s Red Spot and how it generates its energy. Scientists have revealed that a huge ocean of liquid metallic hydrogen feeds the Great Red Spot.

New Image of Eta Carinae Reveals Binary Star System in Stunning Detail


Using the Very Large Telescope, a team of astronomers has captured Eta Carinae, a binary star system and released the most detailed image. They have even managed to snap the windy area between the two massive stars, where winds reach the speed of more than ten million kilometers per hour.

NASA’s Orbiter Releases New Images of Stunning ‘Nightglow’ on Mars


Using the Imaging Ultraviolet Spectrograph on NASA’s MAVEN orbiter, scientists have collected new images that show clouds over Mars’ volcanoes in ultraviolet mod. This video contains the images that show 7 hours of Mars’ rotation.

Orionid Meteor Shower 2016


The Orionid meteor shower usually appears in the second part of October and lasts until November. This year, it will reach its peak from October 20th to October 21st.

Milky Way Above Croatia in 4K


This time-lapse video is created from images of the Milky Way captured from Croatia.

Next ‘Supermoon’ Is the Closest in 21st Century


During this year, we have three ‘supermoons’ – October 16, November 14, and December 14. While we can just witness the first of them, scientists inform us that the next supermoon will be the closest one in the 21st century.

Aurora Borealis Above Northern Norway


This video shows amazing Aurora Borealis above northern Norway, captured from sea kayaks. The video is created by Greg Dennis, a photographer, and filmmaker.